Get the Right Car for Uber or Lyft Driving

Ride-sharing services are enjoying an all-time high in terms of use. Many people turn to this service to make part-time money. Yet, in order to do so, you need a reliable vehicle that will also be economical to drive. Find out which vehicles are best fit for use as ride-sharing cars.

When purchasing a car for Uber or Lyft, think efficiency first. You don't want to spend your earnings on gas and small maintenance items. Some of the more popular cars for this use include the Toyota Camry or the Honda Accord. Other commonly used models include the Ford Fusion and the Chevy Malibu. What all these have in common is that they get good gas mileage and have sufficient passenger seating.

If your choice of vehicle is an SUV, you also have several options. Choose a Toyota Sienna or Dodge Durango to haul around groups of passengers. Alternatively, you might want to look into a Honda Pilot or Ford Explorer. Each of these is a great choice for a ride-sharing SUV.

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