Sealing Your Vehicle To Prevent Rodents

Rodents can invade your vehicle just like they can your home. Don't keep trash in your car as this sometimes attracts rodents. They can begin using the trash that's inside to make a nest. Throw away fast food bags and even drink bottles because rodents can sometimes smell the contents that are inside.

If you have a garage, then keep your car inside as much as possible. While living in San Antonio, keep your lawn manicured so that there are no weeds around your car. You should also keep sticks and logs moved away as well. Avoid putting trash cans near your vehicle.

Avoid keeping your windows down at night. Although this might air out your vehicle and give it a refreshing aroma, it can also be an invitation for rodents to get inside. Your sunroof should be securely closed as well. Jordan Motorcars San Antonio can install new seals around your windows and doors to ensure that there are no entry points for rodents.



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