The Importance of Car Covers

Manufactures today make vehicle covers for cars, SUVs and trucks. Many vehicle owners store their vehicle in a garage. Others do not have that luxury. They might opt for a vehicle cover instead. The covers are designed to protect the vehicle from a number of environmental hazards.

Weather poses a major threat to vehicles parked outdoors. The sun's powerful UV rays are known to damage the exterior paint, dry tires and rubber trim and damage the interior. Rain, hail and snow also wreak havoc on a vehicle's exterior. Covers are available that are UV and moisture resistant to provide ultimate protection.

Environmental Hazards include everything from bird droppings and pollen to animal dirt, fur and scratches. A suitable, durable cover protects from all of these potential problems. Whether needing a vehicle cover made for your specific vehicle or ongoing maintenance, your Jordan Motorcars San Antonio technicians are able to handle the need.



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