How is Your Car Battery Doing?

It can be hard to know the condition of your battery unless you have a tool called a voltmeter. This tool makes it simple to test your state of charge, and there are both digital and analog voltmeters.

The assessment can be done quickly. When you're sure that the engine and the vehicle lights have all been turned off, connect the positive test lead to the battery's positive terminal. Then, connect the negative test lead to the battery's negative terminal.

You should get a reading nearly instantaneously, and you'll want to see at least 12.4 volts. This indicates that your battery can accept and hold a charge. Readings under that point, especially under 12.0 volts, indicate that the battery won't be able to hold a charge very well and that it's time for a replacement. You can do this on your own or come into Jordan Motorcars San Antonio for help.



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