The Many Varieties of Truck Cabs

One of the things you need to consider when buying a truck is knowing what kind of cab you want Jordan Motorcars San Antonio can help you with your final decision, but you can always take a look at this handy guide to know the basics first.

Standard Cabs

Standard truck cabs are small, with only two doors and one row of seating. That isn't a bad thing though, especially if you're planning on using the larger truck bed for hauling large loads.

Super or Quad Cabs

Super cabs or quad cabs are slightly bigger than standard cabs and come with two suicide doors in addition to two full-size doors.

Crew Cabs

Crew cabs are four-door cabs that provide the space and comfort of a four-door sedan with the bed of a truck.

Mega Cabs

Mega cabs are four-door cabs that are larger and more comfortable than crew cabs. The bed isn't as big as with other models, but for drivers with large families, the extra space more than makes up for it.



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