Why Choose All-Season vs. Summer Tires?

Even responsible car and truck owners take a casual approach to tire purchases. They opt to buy quality, name brand tires but don't always worry about the type of tire. Looking at headings such as "summer" and "all-season" may give them pause for thought. Is one better than the other?

Summer vs. all-season isn't a question of better vs. worst. Each tire serves a different purpose based on the seasons and environmental factors. Summer ties, in particular, work their best during hot weather. Many expect this to be the case, and they don't realize summer tires perform well in rainy conditions.

All-season tires can handle decently in any number of seasons and conditions. Light snow is acceptable, but these aren't tires intended for heavy snow. All-season tires may last longer than summer ones, but they don't deliver the same level of traction.

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