Tips For A Safe Halloween, From Us Here At Jordan Motorcars San Antonio!

Let’s go over a few tips for keeping trick-or-treaters safer this Halloween:

If you were planning on driving, you need to make it your responsibility to keep a close eye out for trick-or-treaters crossing the street and walking on the side of the road. Keep in mind that this is a top day of the year for pedestrian injuries and fatalities.

For all of you kids out there that are looking to have a fun time running around the neighborhood collecting candy, make sure to use precautions like bringing a flashlight along with you, and be sure to walk on the side of the road when possible.

For all of you parents, make sure to take special care of your young ones; always know what time they will be coming home, as well as where they’re going. When you are ready to take a test drive in the car of your choice, come to our dealership in San Antonio where we will be happy to help you out!



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