Braking Systems Use Brake Fluid to Slow Down Every Wheel

Underneath an automobile, there are long brake lines that run to pistons. These tubes are very important because they hold brake fluid. Without this fluid, a braking system can't produce pressure to stop all four wheels.

Many parts work together to reduce a vehicle's speed without throwing everyone around in a cabin. The braking process begins gradually when you press the brake pedal. As it moves to the floor, it compresses a piston in a brake caliper. At this point, the brake fluid in the brake line builds up pressure. Typically, pressure always lingers in a brake line around the fluid. However, when the piston compresses, it generates more pressure, which makes the brake rotors squeeze the brake pads.

A braking system's maintenance times vary based on driving habits and the conditions in an environment. If your braking system needs maintenance or repairs, the crew at Jordan Motorcars San Antonio can service it.



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